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Talk Radio interviews with author Darden North, MD --- Topic: Why is America So Fascinated with Medical TV Dramas? plus discussion of his novels House Call and Points of Origin : HealthRadio.Net - Compeling Talk Radio for every-Body! Show Title: Why Is America So Fascinated With Medical TV Dramas? Guest: Host: Deborah “Doc” Watson target="_blank"> (Click to listen or find out more) 03/19/07 WOR -AM 710 50,000 watts New York, NY 30 minutes live w/Dr. Ronald Hoffman 212.612.4477 03/21/07 Health Radio Network, Simulcast on Internet 60 minutes live with Debora “Doc” Watson 877.711.5211 03/23/07 KION -AM 1460 Monterey , CA 20 minutes live with Mark Carbonaro 831.484.7002 03/26/07 KGAB -AM 650 Denver, CO 25 minutes live “The Morning Zone” with Dave Chaffin and Amy 307.632.6500 03/27/07 KNST -AM 790 Tuscon, AZ 10 minutes live with Jim Parisi 520.618.0204 03/28/07 KCBT -AM 1040/ KCMN -AM 1530 Colorado Springs, CO 10 minutes live with Tron Simpson 719.570.1530 03/29/07 WNTN